About Us

CTL is a shipping goods for third parties, with decades of experience in the field, was born with the desire to offer a transport service and logistics that is different from that offered by the competition for their elasticity, flexibility and responsiveness, in the face of multiple and often unexpected customer needs.
Specializing in freight groupage and full loads, daily connects the most important commercial areas of the Peninsula with Sardinia
Located in a connecting point between the intersection of Torino Piacenza and Milan-Genoa is equipped with a structure that ensures ample storage goods also at a controlled temperature, in order to guarantee its customers a high quality standard of transport and storage of goods entrusted.


Quality and services excellencei
Punctuality and e professionalism
Maximum transaprency
Integrity and rigor in the company and outside


We carry out liaison on much of the peninsula with carriers aggregates and with the majority of equity.